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ERG Screening's HR Team includes members of the HR community at a variety of levels. Our senior member spent 30 years in Management and Human Resources and was an HR executive in one of the country's top 10 largest companies. Other members of the HR Team are well versed in employment law, policy & procedure development, recruiting, and of course, employment screening.  Below you will find some of our most popular services.

County Criminal Records:
Includes both the misdemeanor and felony records available for public information. Executive Resources Group sends agents to the county seat courthouse rather than using databases. Databases are notoriously out-dated and ineffective. Due Diligence demands that records are checked in the most precise manner possible. At present, county-level records meet that demand. Of the 3,066 counties in the United States 98% of them do not have mandatory court fees. In the case where we are assessed court fees we will pass those charges onto our client at cost, without markup. Our county record searches are returned within 24-72 hours.

Other Criminal Records:
We can also provide you with a screening report that includes Federal Criminal Records and Statewide Criminal Records. We do not recommend statewide records as a primary screening tool. Only a handful of states have statewide systems at all. Those that do vary in what information is stored in the records. Some only provide information on violent felonies while other states only have a few counties that report the information. Statewide searches may be a viable addition to your county-level criminal record search. Federal records contain information on cases heard in Federal District Court. These offenses can include white-collar crime, drug trafficking, racketeering, and other federal offenses.

Some international criminal records are available. Many countries will not release this information in a timely manner however your ERG Client Services Representative can provide you with information specific to the country in question.

Consumer Credit Report:
Credit reports may reveal the applicant’s level of financial responsibility, bankruptcies, liens and judgments. Additional information that may be revealed includes previous addresses used by the applicant. These addresses may then be used to conduct criminal records checks in areas the applicant failed to mention on their resume.

International credit reports are also available.

Social Security Number Trace:
Verifies whether the SSN provided on the employment application matches the applicant. The report includes the name(s) of the person(s) using the SSN as well as former addresses. This may be used to determine additional jurisdictions for criminal records search. The date and state of issue is also returned.

Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) / Driving Record:
MVR reports are obtained directly from the state from which the license was issued. These requests may reveal the applicant’s level of personal responsibility and may disclose DUI / DWI and other traffic offenses that have occurred in areas of the state outside of the county courts researched as part of the criminal records search. Most State MVR reports will provide a driving history of 3-years.

International driving records are also available.

Education Verification:
Dates of attendance, major(s) and type of degree(s) awarded are included in this report.

Employment Verification:
Includes contacting former employers listed on the application. Verification includes, at minimum: Dates of employment, job title(s), reason for termination, level of performance, and rehire status. When possible ERG will formally interview former supervisor's as well as Human Resource departments to obtain the most complete report possible.

Drug Screening:
Traditional drug testing is performed by SAMHSA certified laboratories with initial screens using EMIT and confirmations by MRO/GC/MS ensuring legal defensibility. We offer state of the art result reporting via e-mail, web based or a combination of both reporting methods, in addition to hierarchical reporting options. We offer collection sites nationwide to accommodate your needs.

Additional Employment Screening Services

  • Civil Records
  • Bankruptcies, Liens and Judgments
  • Corporate Affiliations / Fictitious Business Name
  • Personal References
  • Professional License Verification

    Additional Human Resource Services:
    • Policy & Procedure Manual Preparation
    • Sexual Harassment Investigation Training
    • Workplace Violence Avoidance Training

With decades of experience behind them, ERG's Loss Prevention staff can assist you with nearly any problem you may face regarding the safety, security and integrity of your organization. Our LP Services Team has experience working as independent advisors to major corporations and as internal employees in Fortune 500 companies across the country. Some of our team members are former law enforcement and military personnel. Others have grown through the ranks and managed in the corporate environment. Each brings a unique perspective that adds value to our LP Team. Below is just a small sampling of what our LP Team can do for you.

Professional Services:

  • Loss Prevention / Security Consulting
  • Corporate Personnel Safety Training
  • LP / Safety Policy & Procedure Development
  • Integrity Testing
  • Confidential 800-Number "Tip Line"
  • OSHA / Cal-OSHA Regulatory Compliance
  • Competitive Intelligence (Protection)
  • Corporate Privacy Training
  • Internal Theft Investigation
  • Risk Assessment / New-Market Evaluation

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