ERG Screening offers your company a powerful tool to increase the speed and accuracy of your background screening needs.  The ERG Clearstar system is simple to use yet incredible effective.  Below is detailed information on the system and the process of ordering reports.

Table of Contents

  1. Logging In
  2. Ordering Services
  3. Research Results
  4. Final Report
  5. System and Site Security

Logging In

1) Log In 

- Either visit one of our websites ( or you can go directly to the system at 

 - ERG ClearStar sites use 128-bit encryption (supported via Microsoft's Internet Explorer 5.0
   browser) plus

 - VeriSign certificates (secured at 128-bits) for all sites to ensure the security of your data.

 - Individual settings for all unique user identities can determine the type and level of information
to the user.   Your employees have access to only the information you want them to see.

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Order Services

2) Order Services 
- To enter an Order, first input some basic information for the background check you need.

 - Once the Profile information is entered, select the Services you need and add them to the Profile.

 - Then, with the help of our ordering tools, add specific Orders for each Service you need and you're
   ready to  go!  Your specific pricing and package plans are already in place for you.  Any mandatory
   court fees
are also factored in automatically.

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Research Results

3) Research Results

- Since we receive your Orders at Internet speed, we can start working on fulfillment ASAP.

 - You get results instantly, as they become available; as soon as we have results for an Order, they
entered into the system where they are available to you with no delays.

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Final Report

4) Final Report 
- Once all Orders on a Profile are complete they are available for summary in report form, viewable
  and printable right from the Internet.  Reports can also be sent by email or facsimile if you prefer.
- Multiple reports provide all the views and analyses of Order, Profile, and other information you need
stay on top of your business. 

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System Site and Security

System and Site Security  

The system was designed with security as the foremost concern.   The applicant data, which is collected and processed, are extremely sensitive information.   Only authorized users can gain access to vital data on your site.   From the point of transmission, to the storage of your company's information, ERG uses the latest in security tools and practices for your protection.   To protect this data from unauthorized access and usage, the system has been designed with several security measures to ensure proper access.  
VeriSign 128-bit SSL Encryption 
The site is authenticated via a Digital Certificate.   All user accessing the site must use a 128-bit encryption browser.    

Double Firewall Network Security 
Our double firewall network architecture ensures only authorized network traffic reaches the database.   The database and connection to EDIs such as Trans Union, Equifax, and ADR reside on a private network, inaccessible by the public.   This network architecture is so strong, that it has already been approved by Trans Union and Equifax for the delivery of credit information via the system.

Single User Logon 
To ensure maximum security, only one userid can log into one workstation at any time.   A user cannot share userid and log onto multiple workstations.  

Strong Password Support 

What is a "Strongly-Typed" Password? 
A strong-typing has nothing to do with how hard you hit the keyboard when you are entering data.  Rather, strong typing has to do with the kinds of characters used in your password. In order to maintain the utmost in security, this site has stringent rules for choosing your user password:

Must be at least 8 characters (and no more than 28)

Must have at least one lower case letter (more than one is fine)

Must have at least one UPPER CASE letter (more than one is fine)

Must have at least one number (more than one is fine)

Must have at least one special or punctuation character, such as $, %, @, !, *, or & (more than one
is fine)

User name, company names, initials, etc. cannot be included in the password.  

Why such strict rules for passwords? 

One word: SECURITY

Passwords using a mixed character set are far more difficult to hack than those using only numeric or alphanumeric characters alone. 
Note: Despite what happens in the movies, statistics show that most system break-ins DO NOT occur because a hacker hacks his way in using computer tricks. Instead, most break-ins are accomplished using what hackers call "social engineering," meaning they call a person up on the phone, pretend to be a system administrator or repair person, and trick that unsuspecting person into giving out his password.
Please, keep in mind that the operators of this site will NEVER call you or e-mail you to ask for your password. Do not tell your password to anyone. 
The user will be prompted to change their passwords every 30 days.   Failure to do so will expire the user account. 
The user will be prompted to change their password anytime the password has been reset by the Site Administrator due to lost or forgotten password. 

Login Time Limit 
A user who is logged in will automatically be disconnected when the user has been inactive for a specified time period.   This serves to lessen the security exposure if someone forgot to log off their user account.   The current time period is 15 minutes.

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